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Number of times event occurs
Number of times experiment performed

What is Empirical Probability ?

The empirical probability uses the number of events of an outcome within a sample set as a basis for describing the probability of that outcome. Another name for empirical probability is experimental probability. An empirical probability is intently related to the relative frequency of an event.

Empirical Probability Formula

Look at the below formula to calculate the empirical probability.

Empirical Probability = No. of times event occurs / Total number of times experiment performed

P(E) = f/n

How to Calculate Empirical Probability ?

Go through the guidelines which are given below to find the empirical probability.

  • Just, note down the values that are given in the problem.
  • Then, apply the formula of empirical probability. P(E) = f/n.
  • That's simple! we will get the answer.

Solved Questions of Empirical Probability

Example: In a group of 30 people, 10 people choose to order veg pizzas over non-veg. What is the empirical probability of someone ordering non-veg pizzas?


From the given input, total number of people (n)= 30.

No. of people who choose veg pizzas = 10

No. of people who choose non-veg pizzas (f) = 30-10 = 20.

Empirical Probability Formula: P(E) = f/n

Substitute the values in the formula and the equation becomes

P(E) = 20/30 = 0.66

Therefore, the empirical probability is 0.66

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FAQs on Empirical Probability Calculator

1. What is Empirical Probability?

Empirical probability is a probability that is based on objective data. The main use of this empirical probability is backed by experimental data and studies.

2. How to find Empirical Probability?

Empirical Probability = No. of times event occurs / Total number of times experiment performed.

3. What do f and n stand for in the empirical probability formula?

In the formula, f = Number of times event occurs, n = Total number of times experiment performed.