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Exponential probability distribution calculator: Avail of this amazing exponential probability calculator tool that computes the mean, variance, median, standard deviation and the probability distribution for the given data. To use this calculator give the inputs in the input fields and tap the calculate button and get the answer effortlessly.

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Steps To Calculate Two-Tailed Exponential Probability


We need to compute an exponential distribution probability. The following information are provided:

Population Mean (μ)Probability Event
Pr ( ≤ X ≤ ) )

We need to compute Pr ( ≤ X ≤ ) . Therefore, the following is obtained:

Pr ( ≤ X ≤ ) = Pr ( X ≤ ) − Pr ( X ≤ )

= e -/ - e -/ =

Exponential Distribution of Pr ( ≤ X ≤ ) ) is .

What is Exponential Probability ?

In probability, the time between events happening according to the gamma distribution is called exponential probability. Some examples of this exponential distribution include the time between two trains coming to the station.

Let us see the formula for exponential probability.


λ>0 is rate of distribution.

The probability function of exponential probability is F(x) = 1 - e -θx.

Let's do the examination for exponential probability and find the probability of time to connect the two events that are lower or higher than x, the target period between events:

P(x > X) = exp(-ax)
P(x ≤ X) = 1 - exp(-ax)


a = rate parameter of the distribution.

P(x > X) = probability of x is higher than the indicated value X;

P(x ≤ X) = probability of x is lower than the indicated value X; and

exp represents the exponential function.

Along with the exponential probabilities, you will also find the mean μ = 1/a, variance σ² = 1/a², median m = ln(2)/a, and standard deviation of exponential distribution σ = √(1/a²)

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FAQs on Exponential Probability Calculator

1. What is Exponential Probability?

The time between events happening according to the gamma distribution is called exponential probability.

2. How to use the Exponential Probability Calculator?

Just type the inputs in the specified input fields and hit the calculate button to get the answer in a fraction of seconds. There are various calculators like exponential probability density function calculator, exponential distribution probability calculator, and exponentially distributed calculator. Exponential distribution calculator step by step.

3. How to find exponential probability?

Exponential probability can be found by using the formula, i.e. P(X=x) = me−mx = (1/μ)e−(1/μ)x