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Using the free online tool of probability density function calculator, and probability density calculator. You can easily calculate the required distribution function probabilities. It takes mean value, standard deviation value, and random variable x as inputs and displays the results at a faster pace with just one click.

Normal random variable(x)
Standard deviation (σ)

What is Meant by Probability Density Function (P.D.F) ?

The probability function that illustrates the density of the continuous random variable which lies between a certain range of values is called the probability density function (pdf) in probability and statistics. Also, sometimes the probability distribution function or probability function is used to denote the probability density function(pdf). Pdf to cdf calculator, probability mass function calculator, pdf probability calculator, AND pdf calculator online also be available for this concept.

However, the PDF is used to define the probability of the random variable falling within a certain range of values. Basically, this function is determined for continuous random variables, whereas the Probability mass function (PMF) is defined for discrete random variables.

Probability Density Function Formula

If the probability of X is lying in an interval (a,b) then we can figure it for P(a<X<b), and find the probability with the formula of pdf. The PDF Formula is given as,

Probability Density Function Graph

The graph of PDF typically resembles a bell curve, with the probability of the results under the curve. Here, we have given the probability density function graph for a continuous random variable x with function f(x).

How to use the probability density function calculator ?

Here are the instructions that need to be followed while using the PDF calculator. They are as fashioned:

  • Initially, you have to provide the required inputs such as mean, standard deviation, and random variable x to compute the probability distribution.
  • Now, hit the calculate button.
  • Instantly, it displays the result of probability density for the given function along with the detailed steps.

FAQs on Free Online Mean of Probability density function calculator with steps

1. What does the probability density function (PDF) calculate?

The probability density function (PDF) allows you to find the probability of an event, like this:

  • For discrete distributions, the probability that X has values in an interval (a, b) is precisely the sum of the PDF of the possible discrete values of X in (a, b).
  • For continuous distributions, the probability that X has values in an interval (a, b) is exactly the area under its PDF in the interval (a, b).

2. What is the formula of probability density function?

The probability density function (pdf) f(x) of a continuous random variable X is defined as the derivative of the cdf F(x). Thus, the formula of PDF is f(x) = d/dx * F(x).

3. Where can I get the probability density function calculator for free?

You can get the probability density function calculator for free on, which is a trusted and reliable website.