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What is Uniform Probability Distribution ?

In mathematics, the uniform probability distribution is the type of probability distribution where all the event outcomes are equal. In this, we have two types of probability distributions, they are discrete uniform distribution and continuous probability Distribution. For example, if you toss a coin it will be either head or tail, they both have the same chances.

F(x) = 1/(b-a), if (a <= x <= b)

F(x) = 0, if a > b.


a, b are integers.

Steps to Calculate Uniform Probability Distribution

Let us see the step-by-step process to find the uniform probability distribution. Follow the guidelines to calculate.

  • Consider the values which are given in the question.
  • Then, check the condition whether a is less than b or not.
  • After that, if the condition satisfies then apply the formula, 1/(b-a).
  • Calculate and get the answer.
  • If a is not less than b, the answer will be zero.

How to Find Probability of Uniform Distribution ?


Question 1: Find the probability of uniform distribution of a= 10, b=13?


Given a= 10, b=13.

Here formula for a uniform probability distribution is

F(x) = 1/(b-a), if (a <= x <= b)

F(x) = 0, if a > b.

In this problem, a is greater than b, so we calculate 1/(b-a).

= 1/(13-10) = 1/3 = 0.33

Therefore, the uniform probability distribution is 0.33

Question 2: Find the probability of uniform distribution of a= 133, b=123?


Given a= 133, b=123.

Here, b is less than a. If F(x) = 0, if a > b.

Thus, the probability of uniform distribution is 0. has many probability calculators. Have a look at them to know more information about the concept and use calculators to get accurate results.

FAQs on Uniform Distribution Probability Calculator

1. How do you find the probability of a uniform distribution?

Probability of uniform distribution can be found by F(x) = 1/(b-a), if (a <= x <= b), otherwise 0.

2. How to use the uniform probability distribution calculator?

Give the a, b values in the input fields and click the calculate button, and get the answer instantly.

3. What is uniform distribution in probability?

Uniform distribution can be defined by a type of probability distribution where all the outcomes should be equal.

4. Find the best tool to calculate the probability of uniform distribution?

The best tool to find uniform distribution probability is the Uniform Probability Distribution Calculator available at