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Our accuracy calculator tool is a simple tool that allows you to calculate the accuracy by using different methods. Enter the given values for the method you are using and click the calculate button and get error free results instantly. You can calulate other concepts of accuracy through different calculators in our site like  percentage accuracy calculator,  precision and accuracy calculator,  accuracy calculator online,  accuracy percentage calculator, 

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What is Accuracy?

Accuracy is nothing but the measure of how many tests it take to achieve a correct result. And for this we use 3 different methods to calculate the Accuracy. They are:

  • Method 1: Standard Accuracy.
  • Method 2: Accuracy based on Prevalence.
  • Method 3: Percentage Error.

Accuracy Percentage Formulas

For Percentage Accuracy we have three different methods and formulas. Let us see what are they:

Method 1: Standard Accuracy

Accuracy = (TP+TN) / (TP+TN+FP+FN)

  • Where,
  • TP is the true positive
  • TN is the true negative
  • FP is the false positive
  • FN is the False Negative

Method 2: Prevalence

Accuracy = ((Sensitivity)* (Prevalence)+((Specificity) * (1-Prevalence))

  • Where,
  • Sensitivity = TP / (TP+FN) given in %
  • Specificity = TN / (FP + TN) given in %

Prevalence is the amount of population that has a disease at a specific time. This is also given in %.

Method 3: Percent Accuracy/ Percent Error

Percent Accuracy = (|(Vo - Vₐ)|/Vₐ) * 100

  • Where, Vo is the observed value.
  • Vₐ is the value accepted as truth.
  • |(Vo - Vₐ)| is the absolute non-negative.

How to Calculate Accuracy?

Accuracy can be calculated by simple steps. By following those steps we can find the accuracy using 3 methods easily and accurately.

  • Firstly, read the question carefully and see which method is suitable for it as we have 3 different methods.
  • Then, find the values needed for the formula.
  • And, apply the formula.
  • Finally, substitute the values and get the result.

Solved Examples on Accuracy

As, we have three methods to calculate we will see an solved example for each method.

Question : Measure the temperature is equal to 92°F, and we know that our average temperature is equal to 95.6°F. Find the Percent Error?

Solution: Accuracy equation

Given values, observed value (Vo)= 92, Accepted value (Vₐ)= 95.6

Apply the formula

Percent Accuracy = (|(Vo - Vₐ)|/Vₐ) * 100

= (|(92 - 95.6)|/95.6) * 100

Percent Accuracy = 3.766 %

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FAQs on Accuracy Calculator

1. How to use online Accuracy Calculator?

Simply, give the values of the inputs like true negative, true positive and many. After entering the required inputs click on the calculate button then you will see the required answer without any errors.

2. What are the methods we have to find the accuracy?

To calculate the accuracy we use three methods. They are: 1. Standard Accuracy 2. Prevalence Accuracy and 3. Percent Error or Percent Accuracy.

3. What is the formula we use for percent error method?

Percent error = (|(Vo - Vₐ)|/Vₐ) * 100

4. What is the best tool to find accuracy?

Accuracy Calculator available in is the best tool to calculate Accuracy.