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Take help from our online Random Number Generator available here for free and generate one or more random numbers within the range you specify. You can generate random numbers with our without repetition in a fraction of seconds. Simply, give the lower and upper range in the input fields and then tap on the calculate button to avail results in no time.

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What is Random Number ?

A Random Number is a Number that is chosen by chance from a set range. One interesting fact about random numbers is that we can't predict which number we get.

About Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators are mainly classified into two types namely pseudo random and true random.

Pseudo Random Number Generator: This type of Random Number Generator is programmed using a mathematical function and displays the random numbers within a set range. This kind of RNGs are called Pseudo Random Number Generators as the computer program or algorithm has unintended selection bias. In a way we can say that computer randomness can't necessarily be organic.

True Random Number Generator: In this type of Random Number Generators the randomness is outside the computer program and its operating system. Few Examples include blips in atmospheric noise, or points at which a radioactive material decays, etc. True Random Generator takes information from unpredictable events and generates a truly random number.

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How to use Random Number Generator ?

Follow the guidelines listed below to use the Random Number Generator over here. They are as such

  • Firstly, enter a number of your choice in the Minimum Range.
  • Now, move on to the Maximum Number Range and enter a number of your choice similar to above case.
  • Also, provide the numbers you wanted in the respective box.
  • After providing all the necessary inputs click on the calculate button.
  • That's it the Random Number Generator will give you the random numbers within specified range.

Applications of Random Number Generator

Following are some of the ways in which you can use the Random Number Generator. They are as follows

  • You can use it as Random Number List Generator by simply providing the list length.
  • It can also be used as Phone Number Generator by setting the maximum, minimum range, how many fields in the calculator.
  • RNGs can be used as Random Number Sequence Generators too and they work they same as Random Number List Generators.

FAQs on Random Number Generator

1. What are the types of Random Number Generators?

There are two types of Random Number Generators and they are Pseudo Random Number Generators, True Random Number Generatos.

2. What are the Minimum and Maximum Values in a Random Number Generator?

Maximum and Minimum Values in a Random Number Generator define the range of values that appear in the random numbers list generated.

3. What is meant by Random Numbers?

Random Numbers are a set of digits arranged in random order. It is difficult to predict the other numbers seeing individual digits or earlier digits as they are randomly arranged.

4. How do you generate a Random Number?

One can generate Random Numbers using a Random Number Generator available on as it is a simple tool to use.